Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Look for me in next issue of "The Poor Chef'

There's a profile of me in the next issue of "The Poor Chef." Charles Mattocks (at left), who appears on NBC TV as "The Poor Chef," created the magazine and accompanying Web site. Each monthly issue is filled with feature stories and recipes for cooking healthy, tasty and affordable meals.

The article about my life also appears on the Web site under the headline "Quadriplegic Deauville Beat the Odds." The "Poor Chef" should be on newsstands later this month.


  1. it's amazing how you write about different type of story on ordinary people as Lani.... i envy your charisma and for taking the time to get to know us.... Ordinary People... Thank you ~


  2. i have been in front of my computer reading away about what you have done from rapping to movies, to health and wellness for hours.. You have done just about all there is to do. You're AMAZING !!!
    Keep up the good work Charles....